Monday, April 22, 2013

Menu Plan: Week of April 22

  • Monday - I'm going to make tacos for Husband Jeff and I, but Sonny D doesn't like Mexican food so he'll get broiled fish with Korean sauce.  We'll all have some form of rice and beans. 
  • Tuesday - This is Husband Jeff's birthday, so we're going over to his parents' house for dinner.
  • Wednesday - We've got exercise class so it'll be something quick like a sandwich and fruit.
  • Thursday - Two-timin' pasta (marinara and Alfredo mixed) with a veggie and garlic bread.
  • Friday - leftover frozen 16-bean and ham soup
  • Saturday - tofu fried rice.  Sonny D loves when I dry-fry tofu so I figure this will be a hit. He'll probably pick around all the vegetables, but hey, he's a kid. 
  • Sunday - I'm hosting a brunch party this morning, so I'm sure I'll be too tired later to make anything for dinner so we'll have leftovers from the party or heat up some leftover frozen breakfast stuff like waffles or pancakes.

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