Monday, May 27, 2013

Menu Plan: Week of May 27

Monday is a holiday so we've got a short work week. I like that!
  •  Monday - grillout with Husband Jeff's best friend's family
  • Tuesday - my parents are coming over and so I need to run the menu past them first, but I'm thinking sweet potato tots, two-timin' pasta (marinara and alfredo sauce mixed), turkey meatballs, a vegetable, and grapes
  • Wednesday - our exercise class is over, so we might convince my in-laws to watch Sonny D like usual and Husband Jeff and I go out for dinner by ourselves.
  • Thursday - We've got a parent-teacher conference at Sonny D's daycare and he has a haircut afterwards, so I was thinking french toast cooked up in the waffle iron, scrambled eggs, and grapes
  • Friday - polenta pizza rounds and a veggie
  • Saturday - Korean-flavored tempeh (fermented soybean cake) with rice stir fry
  • Sunday - no idea what to do, so we'll go with my standard soup and sandwiches. 

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