Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cooking Light Cravebox #2

What you see in this picture is what came in my second Cravebox.  Cravebox is a food subscription with a theme.  Supposedly the ones I signed up for are curated by Cooking Light magazine. 

  • Two jars of spices, one is Ras al Hanout (a Morrocan spice blend) and the other is a Southwest seasoning blend.  I've already got several jars of Southwest style seasoning blends, so I added this one to the stack.  The Ras al Hanout is one that I've never used before, and I don't think I've ever even found a recipe that I was dying to make and needed this.  Maybe I'll use it as a spice rub for some grilled chicken this summer.
  • Popchips salsa tortilla chips, these were good, really tasted like tortilla chips.
  • Pure Via Stevia, will give this away at work because I don't use artificial sweeteners.
  • Equal low-calories sweetener, gave this away at work.
  • Stash herbal tea assortment, this is a good assortment and some great flavors.
  • Fig Newtons fruit bars, these are essentially cookies.  I think Sonny D tried one and liked it. 
  • ZONEPerfect nutrition bars in chocolate peanut butter, these are essentially a meal replacement bar.  Sonny D didn't like the one he tried, but I thought it was pretty good.  

Cravebox #2


Not too bad overall.

I'm disappointed this came with two artificial sweeteners, but I know a lot of people are ok with them, so I understand.  The spices and the tea were great to see though, those are two things I can really use.  I love that the box of teas is all herbal, that's the only type I drink. 

I'm glad I tried Cravebox and I'm glad I was able to find something from a company I appreciate (Cooking Light) but I won't buy any more boxes.  I've gotten two boxes and they've both had artificial sweeteners.  I wrote to Cravebox and Cooking Light to express my dismay about it.  Cravebox responded nicely and gave me a $5 credit, but Cooking Light never responded. 

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