Monday, May 6, 2013

Menu Plan: Week of May 6

I can't believe we're already into May!  The last time I felt like I was paying attention, things were cold and I was wearing gloves on my way to work in the mornings, and now things are nice and warm!  Here in Wisconsin it felt like we missed out on spring, but jumping straight to the warm weather is perfectly fine with me.

  • Monday - Even after a weekend of going out for several meals, we're going out to Brickhouse BBQ tonight because I've got a Groupon deal that expires on Friday.
  • Tuesday -Quick breakfast meal of eggs, sausage, and toast because I want to try to make it to a drop-in Zumba class.
  • Wednesday - sandwich and piece of fruit because Husband Jeff and I have exercise class.
  • Thursday - Lemon cream pasta made with peas and bacon with some sort of veggie and salads
  • Friday - Shrimp lo mein and salads
  • Saturday - Meatball pizza pitas and salads
  • Sunday- Mother's Day dinner with both sets of parents at Sardine.

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