Monday, May 20, 2013

Menu Plan: Week of May 20

  • Monday - I'm going to try the adventure of making spring rolls.  They're similar to egg rolls but it's salad ingredients rolled up in a slightly-clear rice paper wrapper and not deep fried.  I've had them at restaurants, so I figured I would try making a shrimp-and-tofu version at home. Aside from the shrimp and tofu, I'm going to use cucumber, carrot shreds, salad greens, avocado, and green onion. I'll serve it with a cooked veggie on the side and rice.  For dessert we'll have more of the strawberry-lemonade icebox cake I made the other day (recipe coming).
  • Tuesday - Dad's Choice because I'm going out for a moms' night out event at Ha Long Bay, a delicious Thai, Laotian, and Vietnamese restaurant.  
  • Wednesday - Husband Jeff and I have exercise class together (last one of the semester), so the usual small meal of a sandwich or random leftovers. 
  • Thursday - Oven-baked pancakes, Greek yogurt souffles, fruit, and breakfast sausages.  The pancakes aren't like your standard round ones, they're baked in the oven in a casserole dish and you cut it into squares to serve it.  I found the recipe on Pinterest and found several bloggers who made it and liked it and it seems like a neat recipe, so I figured why not try it out?  I mentioned it to a friend and she thought it would be good for brunch, so if this goes well, I might try it out on friends as well. 
  • Friday - We're starting off the holiday weekend by meeting up with friends and tailgating for the Milwaukee Brewers game.  I have no idea what the plan is, but Husband Jeff told me I can't go overboard with food planning like I usually do.  Typically I stress over the details and pack a million things.  Maybe we'll take only a package of hot dogs and a bag of buns!  (But hopefully someone is bringing a grill!)
  • Saturday - We have friends that do a burger challenge every Memorial weekend, it's a contest where entrants make burgers and vie for the best burger.  We might actually go this time!  If we don't completely stuff ourselves at the event, I'll try making polenta pizza rounds (pizza toppings on a slice of polenta) with a veggie.
  • Sunday - after all the food we're going to have this week, I figured we'd go light for dinner and have a can of soup with turkey meatballs on the side or sandwiches.
  • Monday - We have friends back in town visiting from Seattle and we were invited to their family cookout.  We were asked to bring a dish to pass and I think I'm going to go for the lemon-basil chickpea salad I've made a few times.  It's easy to prep ahead of time and a light side to go with grilled foods. 

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