Friday, May 3, 2013

Weight Watchers Classic: Cheese Danish

I tried out a old Weight Watchers recipe that replicates a cheese danish.  While it's not even close to a real cheese danish, that's actually really good, because those things are pretty high in calories.  Feel free to splurge on those occasionally, but here's a replacement that you can eat on a more regular basis. 


  • bread (amount depends on how hungry you are)
  • some cottage cheese
  • topping - fruit (jam, fresh, etc.) sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar, etc


Toast up some bread, spread cottage cheese on top, and then add your desired flavorings.   


Surprisingly good snack!

I had this to round out a light dinner before exercise class.  I went with cinnamon sugar because it seemed like a good starter flavor before branching out to other versions.  This is a weird concept for me because in my mind, cottage cheese is a savory food, not a sweet one, but this works. 

This has protein (cottage cheese) and whole grains (whole wheat bread) so it should be pretty satisfying.  Plus it's a good way to have a little something extra without a lot of calories. 

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