Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My First Goodies Box

Goodies Co box for March
Back in March I posted about signing up for the Goodies Co subscription box and I finally got my first box.  Goodies Co is a subscription healthy food box run by Walmart, each box costs $7.

This first box contained
  • Frontier almond blueberry lemon bites
  • Zone Perfect peanut butter chocolate bar
  • Angie's sweet & salty popcorn
  • Green Giant multigrain sweet potato chips
  • Truebar fruit and nut bar
  • Celsius energy drink
  • $50 wine gift card from NakedWines.com

I had only heard of the popcorn, the Zone bar (got two in another subscription food box), and the sweet potato chips (other bloggers are getting them in the mail), otherwise everything else was new to me. 

Taste Test

For a snack one day I tried the Frontier bites and the sweet & salty popcorn.

The Frontier bites were small squares that looked like a granola bar. I liked the lemony essence, glad it wasn't weak like some lemon flavored items.  I also appreciated that the first and second ingredients are almonds and sunflower seeds, not sugar.  

The sweet and salty popcorn was nice, I'm cool with kettle corn.  I liked the cane juice sweetener they used, it had nice sweetness than you might expect.  But it was a tiny little package, like you'd feel ripped off if you packed this in your lunch with your sandwich and a piece of fruit because there was barely anything in it.

Wanna Chat?

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