Monday, May 13, 2013

Menu Plan: Week of May 13

Here we are again, another week gone by. It feels like we're sprinting to summer. This weekend was cold in Wisconsin -- 41 degrees for a high on Saturday, 61 degrees for a high today, but by Tuesday we're supposed to be at 81. 

I took advantage of the colder weather this weekend and cranked up the oven to make some more roasted veggies.  I was lamenting the fact that I won't be able to make roasted veggies once the weather turns out, but I realized I've now got a Pampered Chef grillpan I got over the winter that I can use.  It might take multiple batches since it's smaller than my huge roasting pan, but some real grill taste will be nice.

Here's the meal plan for the week.  For the Korean dish on Tuesday and the taco salads on Thursday I'm relying on the pre-cooked ground beef I prepped on my last big grocery shopping trip.  I love being able to pull those out and make a meal quickly.  Not that browning ground beef takes a long time, but sometimes it's nice to take care of it when you do have the time and ensure your weeknight dinners are quicker. 

  • Monday - jalapeƱo chicken sausages, roasted veggies with cilantro-jalapeno hummus, and gnocchi alla sorrentina.  The sausages, hummus, gnocchi are from Trader Joe's, I love that place!
  • Tuesday - Korean ground beef dish with rice and whatever random veggies I pull out of the freezer.
  • Wednesday - a small sandwich and fruit (or sometimes leftovers) before exercise class
  • Thursday - taco salads plus probably a can of Mexi-corn or something.
  • Friday - Sonny D will have something quick and easy like pancakes and eggs because I'm going out for a birthday dinner with friends. 
  • Saturday - Mojito salmon (another Trader Joe's favorite) plus whatever I can find that sounds good.
  • Sunday - two-timin' pasta (alfredo plus red sauce) with garlic bread and maybe frozen turkey meatballs.  I might actually make the two-timin' pasta this time, this is at least the second time it's been on the menu but I haven't actually made it yet.

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