Monday, October 21, 2013

Menu Plan: Week of October 21

It seems like this will be another quiet week at our house but we're gearing up for Halloween next week. 
  • Monday - I'm going out with a friend so Husband Jeff and Sonny D are on their own.  They've got sandwich fixings, so maybe that's what they'll eat.
  • Tuesday - I've wanted to make cornmeal pancakes for a long time (close to a year!), so I'm finally going to give it a shot. 
  • Wednesday - I've got PiYo exercise class this night so I'm going to take advantage of pre-cooked ground beef from the freezer to make a quick Mexican beef over polenta and salads.
  • Thursday - I want to try chicken thighs made into Italian chicken roll-ups (normally a chicken breast recipe) and salads. If there's time, I want to exercise with Husband Jeff at our local community rec center. 
  • Friday - I figure we'll probably have leftovers to eat from Wednesday and Thursday.  If not, I'm sure we can drag something out of the freezer/pantry or go out to eat.
  • Saturday - We're going to a birthday party that has a Halloween theme so maybe I'll be able to convince Sonny D to dress up in his costume.  We've got fish in the freezer so I browsed my bookmarked recipes and decided on an Indian green curry crispy fish with rice.
  • Sunday - We might attend Halloween at the Zoo during the day if we're on a roll with the Halloween activities.  Fro dinner I want to make Asian black pepper caramel shrimp with rice.

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