Monday, October 28, 2013

Menu Plan: Week of October 28

  • Monday - I'm going out for Moms' Night Out at the new Korean place in town called Sol's on the Square.  They don't have a website yet, but here's an article about it from Isthmus, the local independent weekly paper.  Husband Jeff and Sonny D will probably have sandwiches or pizza.
  • Tuesday - Happy National Oatmeal Day!  I'm going to celebrate by having oatmeal for breakfast, like usual.  I celebrate National Oatmeal Day every day of the year!  I wanted to feed my family oatmeal for dinner in some way so I was going to make oatmeal waffles, but we're going with chili instead since some of the fresh ingredients need to be used up. So chili plus cornbread. 
  • Wednesday - I've got PiYo class, so we're in for another quick dinner.  This time we're having turkey sausage (looks like ring bologna), with mac and cheese and Cali blend veggies.
  • Thursday - This is Halloween, which is also my step-brother's wedding anniversary.  Happy anniversary, Daryl & Theresa!  I'm taking the afternoon off for trick-or-treating with Sonny D and we'll have a slow cooker meal of beef tips and noodles (similar to beef Stroganoff) with roasted Brussels sprouts.
  • Friday - I wan to go out for a fish fry at Wilson's Sports Bar with Husband Jeff's parents since we've talked about it for a long time. I consider it one of the top couple fish fry places in town.   It might be my #1 since it's cheap and good and they've got cod, which is becoming more difficult to find.  The other place I like a lot is Chico's Villa Tap, which has great fish but is a bit more expensive. 
  • Saturday -This is National Family Pajama Night!  That doesn't really affect dinner, but I was thinking we could get into our PJs early and hang out in front of the fireplace all night.  Maybe we'll have breakfast for dinner to continue the pajama theme, or have something cozy, like soup. 
  • Sunday - We've been trying to plan this for a while, but I think we're finally going to make it to our friends Brian & Kristen's house for dinner.

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