Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fun Night Out At Fired Up Pottery

My new orange bowl for oatmeal
This is only slightly food-related, but I wanted to share because it was fun and there was food involved.

I went to a Moms' Night Out event at Fired Up Pottery, a paint-it-yourself pottery place in Madison, WI. 
They have a monthly special night called Wine, Dine, and Dazzle, which involves paying $5 to have a light dinner and snacks in addition to the price of the item you paint.  The food wasn't fancy, cold sandwiches and such, but the choices were really well thought out.  They had a separate table of items that were gluten-free, vegetarian things like chips and hummus, and even several of the items were low-calorie like angel food cake.  It's definitely a full meal of options, you wouldn't go away hungry, no matter what your food preferences or needs are.  Oh, and they encourage you come with your friends and bring your own wine. You can also skip the food, which means they don't charge you the $5 fee, and then you only need to pay for the item you paint.

I chose a bowl for my breakfast oatmeal, I painted it orange to celebrate my blog since it's colors are orange as well.  I was a little uncertain about my painting/crafting skills, so my bowl was only solid orange, with a surprise blue bottom decorated with my initials, the word "oats", and a heart. 

In addition to painting pottery, they've got glass firing, classes for pottery making, and individual sessions to use the pottery wheel.


I love my new bowl, it turned out exactly like I wanted.

It was a fun night hanging out with our group of ladies, chatting about our kids, and having a little bit to drink.  We had Korean rice wine, which is really different.  I skipped the food since I had a full dinner ahead of time, but next time I would consider eating there.  My next project at a place like this would be to make a 'you're special' plate to use on birthdays, anniversaries, and other notable days. 

It's definitely the sort of thing you would want to do with a group of your friends, there were several other groups there with us. 

I can't wait until my son is a little older, it would be fun to take him there and have him decorate something to use later. 

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