Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Daily Smoothie

Each morning I try to take the time to make a "smoothie" using Amazing Grass powder.   I say "smoothie" but I usually think of smoothies as containing yogurt, which I don't like.  Mine are non-dairy since I'm not fond of cow milk. 

The base for all of my smoothies is 8 ounces almond milk and a scoop of Amazing Grass original powder.  Amazing Grass is a green, superfood powder of wheatgrass, alfalfa, spinach, fiber, probiotics, etc. and produce like carrots, beets, acai, raspberry, etc.

Flavors combos I've tried and liked

  • peach almond - frozen peach slices with almond extract and cinnamon
  • chocolate malt - cocoa powder and chocolate malt powder
  • banana-coffee - 1/2 frozen banana with instant decaf coffee crystals
  • tropical - orange juice frozen into ice cubes and frozen crushed pineapple
  • orange - just orange juice cubes
  • choco-peanut butter banana - PB2 (powdered peanut butter) in the peanut butter-chocolate flavor with frozen 1/2 banana
  • choco-banana - cocoa powder and frozen banana
  • chocolate-covered cherry - cocoa powder and frozen cherries 
  • chocolate-covered strawberry - cocoa powder and frozen strawberries
  • pear - pear, almond extract, cinnamon
  • peanut butter banana - PB2 (powdered peanut butter) and banana 
  • ginger-peach - peach, ground ginger, crystallized ginger
  • ginger-pear - pear, almond extract, ground ginger


There have only been a few of flavors I haven't liked.
  • Frozen crushed pineapple with almond milk. I think the pineapple wasn't a strong enough flavor to cover the grassy-green flavor of the Amazing Grass.
  • Another is cocoa powder and peaches.  I might have used too much cocoa powder since it was a little bitter, and the peaches are so mild that they don't add much flavor.
  • chia seeds, ginger powder, crystallized ginger.  The ginger was tart, but not really flavorful otherwise. 


This is a total win since most mornings my smoothie keeps me full until my morning snack, and probably would keep me going until lunch, but I have a morning snack anyway since it's so delicious.  My standard snack for a while has been a brown-rice cake with smashed avocado on top with a sprinkle of salt.  


Do you have a favorite flavor combo to recommend for my morning smoothie? 

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